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This advisory circular (AC) provides information for certificated pilots and flight instructors to use in complying with the flight review required by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61, § 61.56 and the recent flight experience requirements of § 61.57.

This AC is directed to General Aviation (GA) pilots and flight instructors. This AC does not apply to training programs or proficiency checks conducted pursuant to 14 CFR part 121 or 135, nor to curriculums approved pursuant to 14 CFR part 142. Full flight simulators (FFS) and flight training devices (FTD) may not be used for logging airman experience or for any training, checking, or qualification credit unless qualified and approved by the Administrator (§ 61.4). Additionally, a flight review cannot be accomplished in an FFS or FTD unless it is used in accordance with an approved course conducted by a training center certificated under part 142 (§ 61.56(i)(1)).

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Flight Instructor Test Questions


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Practical Test Standards: Flight Instructor

II. Technical Subject Areas
Task Xxxxx: Xxxxxx

Objective: Xxxxxxx

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  2. Xxxxxxx
  3. Xxxxxxx
  4. Xxxxxxx
  5. Xxxxxxx
  6. Xxxxxxx
  7. Xxxxxxx
  8. Xxxxxxx
  9. Xxxxxxx

Oral Exam Questions

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  2. xxxxxxxx
  3. xxxxxxxx
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  5. xxxxxxxx
  6. xxxxxxxx
  7. xxxxxxxx
  8. xxxxxxxx
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